Esri Unemployed Youth Training

Get ahead! Free Unemployed Youth Training.

As youth, we are faced with limited options after the completion of our school career. Youth can either register at an academic institution and pursue our dream careers or end up looking for a job to contribute to the household bills! Too often, companies require experience or a tertiary qualification before hiring. Now what? Our youth now face the stagnant job market searching endlessly for employment.

Introducing Esri South Africa! Free unemployed youth training in the geography and science space forms part of the Esri South Africa’s Community Programme. They recognise the high rate of unemployed youth in South Africa and works towards helping to provide skills development and capacity building. The programme offers free training to unemployed youth between 18-to-35-years of age in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The training course covers the basic theoretical and practical GIS concepts including spatial data structure, data sources and transfer methods, projections, and coordinate system, as well as fundamental spatial analysis techniques. A skillset that possible employers are looking for.

Youth that successfully complete the training, undergo an extensive interview that may grant them an opportunity for an internship or possibly a job at Esri South Africa. Their internship programme provides mentorship to assist with personal development growth in the following areas:

• GIS training

• Information technology

• Team projects from execution to client deployment

• Building confidence

• Business etiquette and,

• Presentation skills

My message to the youth of South Africa, “Change only happens when you take action, face your next hurdle by leaping with confidence.”

Find out more about the free unemployed training offering here.